1. It’s Time (by earthmagnified)

    It’s Time (by earthmagnified)

    abandoned   derelict   decay   urbex   urban   exploring   window   industrial   mill   bridge   view   

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  2. When Everything Falls Into Place (by reverend†heef)

    When Everything Falls Into Place (by reverend†heef)

    derelict   abandoned   decay   industrial   view   city   cityscape   sunset   landscape   smoke   portrait   urbex   urban   exploring   photo   photography   photos   

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  3. (via tw33king-deactivated20120712)

    high   city   cityscape   night   lights   view   roof   top   manchester   photos   photo   photography   

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  4. Akashi Kaikyo Bridge (by Sepavo)

    Akashi Kaikyo Bridge (by Sepavo)

    bridge   suspension   water   sky   high   view   photography   photo   photos   

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  5. it’s the last goodbye, i swear. (by a u r e l i e)

    it’s the last goodbye, i swear. (by a u r e l i e)

    high   rise   city   scape   view   urbex   urban   exploration   photography   photo   photos   

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  6. Silver Saint (by dsankt)

    Silver Saint (by dsankt)

    night   city   cityscape   bridge   climb   top   suspension   view   silver   photography   photo   photos   

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