1. (by devb.)

    (by devb.)

    derelict   abandoned   decay   urbex   urban   exploring   concrete   underground   spiral   staircase   stairs   

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  2. (via **120 PROOF** | Flickr - Photo Sharing!)

    (via **120 PROOF** | Flickr - Photo Sharing!)

    derelict   abandoned   decay   urbex   urban   exploring   underground   mine   flood   water   silhouette   

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  3. You can take me now. I’m ready (by dickytwentyone)

    You can take me now. I’m ready (by dickytwentyone)

    urbex   urban   exploring   tunnel   tube   underground   silhouette   pipe   concrete   

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  4. (by urbandecay.)

    (by urbandecay.)

    abandoned   decay   urbex   urban   exploring   derelict   underground   tunnel   tube   sewer   drain   

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  5. (by urbandecay.)

    (by urbandecay.)

    derelict   abandoned   decay   urbex   urban   exploring   light   ray   beam   underground   cave   figure   portrait   

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  6. Drain Relaxation (by earthmagnified)

    Drain Relaxation (by earthmagnified)

    derelict   abandoned   decay   urbex   urban   exploring   drain   brick   tunnel   silhouette   underground   

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  7. (via 500px / Photo “Underground system” by Anna Arinova)

    (via 500px / Photo “Underground system” by Anna Arinova)

    derelict   abandoned   decay   urbex   urban   exploring   silhouette   figure   underground   dark   tunnel   

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  8. Going Underground (by vulture labs)

    Going Underground (by vulture labs)

    derelict   abandoned   decay   urbex   urban   exploring   underground   tunnel   tube   metro   trains   subway   

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  9. (via DSC03208 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!)

    (via DSC03208 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!)

    derelict   abandoned   decay   urbex   urban   exploring   tunnel   culvert   drain   underground   

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  10. I don’t recognise all these things you must have left behind (by www.thewinch.net)

    I don’t recognise all these things you must have left behind (by www.thewinch.net)

    derelict   abandoned   decay   urbex   urban   exploring   drain   sewer   silhouette   black and white   tunnel   underground   

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