1. Villa Amelie (by Urbex VB)

    Villa Amelie (by Urbex VB)

    derelict   abandoned   decay   urbex   urban   exploring   manor   maison   desk   armchair   paper   shelves   house   chateau   

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  2. (via 500px / Photo “Green book” by Flo Delabioteam)

    (via 500px / Photo “Green book” by Flo Delabioteam)

    derelict   abandoned   decay   urbex   urban   exploring   books   paper   rotten   shelf   

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  3. We lost. (by Lifelog.it)

    We lost. (by Lifelog.it)

    derelict   abandoned   decay   urbex   urban   exploring   photo   photography   overgrown   mill   paper   industrial   

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  4. Paper Mill 20 (by bestarns)

    Paper Mill 20 (by bestarns)

    derelict   abandoned   decay   urbex   urban   exploring   photo   photos   photography   industrial   vats   paper   mill   

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  5. Paper Mill 01 (by bestarns)

    Paper Mill 01 (by bestarns)

    derelict   abandoned   decay   urbex   urban   exploring   photo   photos   photography   mill   paper   industrial   factory   

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  6. Cottage in the Woods - Blinded (by *Day Of The Dead - Chernobyl in 2 Weeks)

    Cottage in the Woods - Blinded (by *Day Of The Dead - Chernobyl in 2 Weeks)

    derelict   abandoned   decay   urbex   urban   exploring   photo   photos   photography   window   light   overgrown   peeling   paper   

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  7. Villa A. - France (by kleiner hobbit)

    Villa A. - France (by kleiner hobbit)

    derelict   abandoned   decay   urbex   urban   exploring   paper   paperwork   library   villa   manor   house   mansion   

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  8. urbanartandlife:




    (via urbandestruction)

    derelict   abandoned   decay   sink   peeling   paper   urbex   urban   exploring   dark   photos   photo   photography   

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  9. CAD Corsham (by slaterspeed)

    CAD Corsham (by slaterspeed)

    derelict   abandoned   decay   paper   plans   map   survey   ammunition   depot   corsham   urbex   urban   exploration   photos   photo   photography   

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