1. (via abandoned-but-loved)

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  2. (by .tom troutman.)

    (by .tom troutman.)

    derelict   abandoned   decay   urbex   urban   exploring   exploration   photo   photos   photography   bed   hospital   

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  3. [ show must go on II ] (by shexbeer)

    [ show must go on II ] (by shexbeer)

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  4. The Raven (by Subversive (In the US))

    The Raven (by Subversive (In the US))

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  5. Ghost Ships (by MR Stoof (www.urbanexplorers.be))

    Ghost Ships (by MR Stoof (www.urbanexplorers.be))

    derelict   abandoned   decay   urbex   urban   exploring   exploration   photo   photos   photography   boat   operating   theatre   bed   

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  7. Swamp thing 1 (by Bjorn again)

    Swamp thing 1 (by Bjorn again)

    derelict   abandoned   decay   urbex   urban   exploring   exploration   photo   photos   photography   car   vehical   graveyard   rust   overgrown   steering wheel   

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  8. Mortuary P (by howzey)

    Mortuary P (by howzey)

    derelict   abandoned   decay   urbex   urban   exploring   exploration   photo   photos   photography   mortuary   slab   hospital   medical   

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  9. (via corrosion block | Flickr - Photo Sharing!)

    (via corrosion block | Flickr - Photo Sharing!)

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  10. Typing Pool (by jST.)

    Typing Pool (by jST.)

    derelict   abandoned   decay   urbex   urban   exploring   exploration   photo   photos   photography   vintage   typewriter   

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