1. ECVB - Cathedral (by Dave Baker (sophos9))

    ECVB - Cathedral (by Dave Baker (sophos9))

    abandoned   decay   derelict   urbex   urban   exploring   power   station   plant   pipes   ecvb   industrial   

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  2. Demolition of the ECVB power plant (by Stephane Gaudry)

    Demolition of the ECVB power plant (by Stephane Gaudry)

    derelict   abandoned   decay   urbex   urban   exploring   industrial   power   plant   station   demolition   ecvb   

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  3. ECVB (by Explorers United)

    ECVB (by Explorers United)

    derelict   abandoned   decay   urbex   urban   exploring   photo   photos   photography   industrial   power   station   ecvb   pipes   rust   

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  4. (by Eva van Oosten)

    (by Eva van Oosten)

    derelict   abandoned   decay   urbex   urban   exploring   photo   photos   photography   industrial   window   power   station   ecvb   plant   pipes   rust   

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  5. Immerse Yourself (by UE Critical Mass)

    Immerse Yourself (by UE Critical Mass)

    derelict   abandoned   decay   urbex   urban   exploring   photo   photos   photography   power   station   plant   powerstation   ecvb   pipes   industrial   

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  6. (via ECVB (Belgium) « Telefunker)

    (via ECVB (Belgium) « Telefunker)

    derelict   abandoned   decay   urbex   urban   exploring   industrial   power   station   ecvb   photo   photography   photos   

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  7. Sadako (by Yann Mornet)

    Sadako (by Yann Mornet)

    derelict   abandoned   decay   urbex   urban   exploring   portrait   ecvb   tanks   horror   girl   photos   photo   photography   

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  8. ECVB, Cockerill Room IV (by Yann Mornet)

    ECVB, Cockerill Room IV (by Yann Mornet)

    urbex   urban   exploring   ecvb   derelict   decay   industrial   abandoned   pipes   factory   power   station   cockerill   photos   photo   photography   

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  9. Restarting !! (by Bousure)

    Restarting !! (by Bousure)

    derelict   abandoned   decay   urbex   urban   exploring   factory   industrial   smoke   steam   ecvb   power   station   photos   photo   photography   

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